Frequently Asked Questions

1. The prices seem really low, these puppies are half the price of my local pet shop. Why is that?
Please do not forget you are buying your puppy directly from a breeder (or seller). We own all the parents and we breed for the love of the French bulldog breed and we are not doing it for the money but to help other people get a good experience with this royal breed. We belief it should not be enjoyed by only the wealthy and privileged but by all who have genuine love for the breed. Dealing directly with sellers naturally results in lower costs.

2. Are you a giant kennel or dealer?
We are a small in house breeder but with good references and knowledge of breeding French Bulldog puppies.

3. Can I take the puppy home with me right away?
Yes!!!! Delivery 24/7 and within 24 hours depending on buyers Location.

4. I hear the dog shelters are full! How can you help dog breeders breed more dogs??
Some shelters are indeed full-but unfortunately this is often a marketing ploy to move more dogs. Shelters wouldn't get very many donations if they announced they have plenty of room. Also some shelters import dogs from other countries-because they can't fill their cages with US dogs. We feel that is dishonest and misleading. It is also common place for "rescues" to actually buy dogs from breeders then offer them as "rescues". (did you ever notice that dogs from shelters and "rescues" have price tags attached)? Another option-if you're concerned about shelter dogs but want to choose a puppy from a breeder, simply buy a puppy or Puppies.

5. I can’t find the breeder contact information.
Click on the contact us on the webpage and send us an email right away.

6. I would like my puppy delivered - who can I will do that?
We offer shipping and delivery of our puppies nationwide. It's a smooth and painless process for the puppy and we'll handle all the details for you.

7. Can i pay for more that one puppy?
YES!!! The most we can sell to an individual is 2 puppies depending if they are available at the moment.

8. How do i know this is not a Scam?
We do understand there are a lot of scam ads and websites and scammers trying to rip off people of their hard earned money and also break the heart of Innocent people. Most recently a wake of online pets scams have swept the internet making it must more harder for clients to trust breeders. That is why we can guarantee our clients of safe pick up or delivery. Our guarantee is we can provide references of clients who got their puppies from us with no problems so they will testify we are genuine and reputable breeders. Our goal is to bring love to families and its an overwhelming feeling seeing the smile on their face. We also offer a %100 money back guarantee if you do not get or receive your puppy